Sunday, May 04, 2008

le weekend

Went to the Maker Faire this weekend, which was fabulous! It was nice being surrounded by like minded crafty maker folks and awesome to be milling around the same crowd as Adam from Mythbusters!

It was also nifty to be hanging around with my boyfriend. We wandered from exhibit to exhibit checking out whatever tickeled our fancies. It was low key and easy going. He seems to have the same attention span that I do. We got a little taste of everything.

Some of the favorites:

1) the burning lady which was part of an exhibition from last year's burning man
2) the mento diet coke explosions
3) Adam from Mythbusters
4) yarn shopping (but sadly not buying)
5) Robot Wars
6) Robot Battleship Wars
7) the big robot giraffe
8) rockets!
9) gigantic cupcakes
10) DRAGON man!!!!!!!!!

Saturday was pretty good too. Saw Iron Man, which gets thumbs up, went to goodwill and splurged at Barnes and Noble. Had a fire in my parents' fireplace, drank tea and watching Radiohead in the Basement.